HORST TALK – creatives shaping cities

How do music, art, architecture & urban (sub)cultures contribute to the development of a city? Why are creative cultures so important? And how do we shape new projects & push policies?

With a series of inspiring talks & conversations HORST aims to create a stage for European changemakers to share their story & vision on the development of a city. The 23rd floor of Brussels’ WTC 1 tower will be the backdrop for this third edition of HORST Talks.

Free of access. Register on goo.gl/forms/luWdCUg50ogjmvVL2 to reserve your seat.


Zviad Gelbakhiani – BASSIANI, Tbilisi

The infamous & pivotal Bassiani club – often referred to as ‘the New Berghain’ – was founded as a movement with a political and activist element. Partying at Bassiani is a political statement against homophobia and Georgia’s narrow-minded zero tolerance drug policy.

Following recent armed police raids of popular Tbilisi venues -including Bassiani- thousands of ravers gathered in protest in front of Georgia’s parliament in response to the raids. Today Georgia endures a conflict of culture between its past and its future. Zviad’s story is one about how clubculture can influence political movements and create a vibrant community.

Moderator: Nicolas Hemeleers – 24hbrussels, Brussels

24hBrussels is a new initiative that aims to re-think the Brussels night. Composed of a collective of people and organisations active in nightlife (Beursschouwburg, Kumiko, C12, Café Central, Bonnefooi, Los Ninos, Gay Haze, Bruxsel Jardin), the goal of the project is to create a place for debates, reflexions and solutions between all the people involved in the activation of the city at night.

Alfredo Brillembourg – Urban-Think Tank, Zürich

UTT is an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to projects that focus on social architecture and informal development. Through teaching, exhibitions, film and publications they research, create and communicate strategies to improve cities around the world.

Founder Alfredo Brillembourg will present his clear-cut vision on the education and development of a new generation of professionals, who will transform cities in the 21st century.

Olivier & Valentijn Goethals – 019, Ghent

019 is an artist-run exhibition, concert and work space occupying a former welding factory in Ghent. The fact that the collective, sets itself up as curator, co-user and co-designer of the building makes it possible to take a different approach on impacting the city.

Pepijn Kennis – Toestand, Brussels

Space in our cities seems to be under pressure, even though thousands of square meters are left vacant & unused. Toestand connects this urban contradiction by organising temporary autonomous socio-cultural centers in empty or forgotten buildings.


In collaboration with Architecture Workroom Brussels, in the framework of ‘You Are Here’, an exhibition, programme of urban debates and shared workspace in Brussels, as part of International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2018.

This HORST talk is made possible with the support of Vedett, Red Bull Organics, Lab North & Architecture Workroom Brussels, curated by HORST.

18.30 – 20.00 Drinks & Music
20.00 – 22.30 Talks
22.30 – 00.00 Drinks & Music

Koning Albert II-laan 28-30
1000 Brussels

All talks will be held in English